Top 5 Platform Games


Top 5 Platform Games


One of the most classic genre of video games is platformers. Whether you’re a casual or hardcore gamer, sometimes it just feels good to simply jump around and have fun. Here are five quality browser-based minigames that will hopefully scratch your platforming itch.


Hyper Pixel Man

Hyper Pixel Man is minimalistic side-scroller similar to retro platformers of the past. Complete the game’s 35 levels by jumping across platforms, deadly spikes, conveyor belts, and more.


The game’s responsive controls, music and difficulty are all aspects that make Hyper Pixel Man a must-play. Players have the option to choose unlimited lives or limited lives based on how they’d like to test their skills. Also, the game includes a save feature, allowing players keep track of their progress. You can even compare your best times with friends using the game’s built-in clock feature. Hyper Pixel Man is a challenging experience that oozes with style and we hope you’ll play it.


Rogue Soul & Rogue Soul 2

The Rogue Soul games are perhaps some of the most well-crafted minigames in recent years. The games feature an auto-running mechanic where players must dodge, slide and jump over various obstacles while collecting loot and gold. Both games have a simple, but charming art style accompanied with an upbeat soundtrack. Players can increase the distance of their runs by acquiring more loot and spending it on upgrades.


See how far you can progress to become the best thief around. With a multitude of challenges and achievements, Rogue Souls and Rogue Souls 2 are very addictive games that will keep you entertained for hours.



Help this nameless hero find and rescue the love of his life. Lockout is yet another side-scrolling platform adventure that shines in its own right. Complete different rooms by traversing deadly chasms, dodging spikes and timing critical jumps. Also, the game can pose quite the challenge for even those familiar with the genre. Each failed attempt is recorded and constantly presented on the screen as a reminder for players to up their skills. Menacing dungeon like contraptions, well-lit locations, and a catchy chiptune soundtrack make Lockout a game to keep coming back to.



Heli Attack 3

Heli Attack 3 is an action-packed platformer shoot ‘em up with a ton of features. Progress through the game’s snow, jungle and laboratory levels using an expansive arsenal. Players can switch between a variety of weapons on the fly such as knives, machine guns, grenades and more. A complex set of controls allow for more mechanics like double-jumping, precise shooting and time distortions. Although filled with explosions and rapid gunfire, Heli Attack 3 is no slouch in the difficulty department as well. Brain and brawn must be taken in consideration when deciding what techniques should be used in order to survive the onslaught of weaponry you must face.



Blob is a puzzle platform game that requires players to use their head when completing levels. Assume the role of a large green blob created and attempting to escape from Lab-16B. The game’s 20 stages cleverly introduce new features and challenges constantly as the player progresses. Often times players will most likely solve puzzles through trial and error or sitting back and thinking it over for awhile. When multiple small blobs finally reach one another and combine into a large powerful creature to finish a stage, it can’t help putting a smile on our faces.