The MiniGames Scholarship

The MiniGames Scholarship MiniGames is an online web site where you can play games from thousands of different game developers, all for free. In order to continue to provide high quality games that we all love to play, we need more game developers. To learn how to develop great games, you need a great education. It's not all fun and games--learning to code, learning the math required in game development, and learning to be a great designer are all things that require hard work. Then,... READ MORE

Christmas Loot 2: Our Most Popular Christmas Game

  There isn't much time left to enjoy the holiday season this year. So why not enjoy the holidays right now while they are upon us and play some Christmas games? Free, of course! We literally have hundreds of Christmas games, and you could play all day and all night, right up until Santa comes down the chimney. Here's the list of our Christmas games. We have lots of cool, fun holiday games to play, including: Crazy Christmas With your cannon and limited number of snowballs... READ MORE

Top 5 Free Online Thanksgiving Games

It's Thanksgiving time here in the United States, and that means plenty of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie for dessert. That also means we'll be visiting with family and relatives, or they'll be visiting you at your house. Remember to take a break during this busy time and play a game. What's better than playing a free online game here at MiniGames? Playing a free online Thanksgiving game! Here are our top free online Thanksgiving games, based on overall vot... READ MORE

Top 10 Free Online Halloween Games

It's Halloween, so we decided to pull a list of our top rated free online Halloween games that you play. We have games that have been rated over 1,000 times. Our most popular Halloween game is Bubble Hit Halloween. Shoot pumpkins and spooky Halloween themed bubbles to make groups of 3 or more of the same color to clear them out and earn points. Clear the entire board to complete each level. Here is our list of the top 10 Halloween games: 1. Bubble Hit Halloween Shoot pumpkins and... READ MORE

Top 5 Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are a unique genre that tests the player’s patience and problem solving skills. Using your mind can be just as fun as mashing buttons or aiming shots. Although puzzle games have their own category, many sub genres fall under the umbrella. We’ve included a list of five great puzzle games that provide a variety of different experiences.     Pursuit of Hat This little doll can’t seem to hold on to his hat. Pursuit of Hat and its sequel (Purs... READ MORE

Apple Allows Scam Apps from Rogue Developers, Despite MiniGames’ Repeated Requests

Apple Allows Scam Apps from Rogue Developers, Despite MiniGames’ Repeated Requests   Apple allow apps on their App Store that have been submitted by rogue developers—developers that are scamming Apple users. Dishonest developers are creating apps that don’t work as described—and are linked to other innocent websites, such as The apps appear on the App Store, show fake screen shots of the app, and are not free apps. When customers purchase the app... READ MORE

Exciting Easter minigames to Play!

Exciting Easter Games to Play!   Easter is much more than just scavenging for eggs or eating chocolates; it’s also about playing mini games! In all serious, whether you celebrate the holiday or not, our site hosts a ton of festive games that can be enjoyed by all ages across all sorts of genres. Play with the family, relax on your day off, or simply indulge in the holiday with these five jolly Easter games. Egg Blast Rotten eggs from last year’s Easter are here... READ MORE

Best Tower Defense Games

  Defend Your Base Like You Would the Earth   Earth needs a savior to protect it. Will you be the one to take up arms and stand your ground? In honor of Earth Day this year, we’ve compiled a list of great base defense games to recommend  that blend strategy, tactics and action. If we can put as much effort into protecting the environment as we do in protecting our towers and bases from waves of enemies, then the sky’s the limit. Build, upgrade and prepare to c... READ MORE

St Patricks Day Look ! Girl's dress up game !

Today is St. Patrick's ! This cute girl didn't have much time to prepare for the celebration parade. Help her dress up and accessorize in St Patrick's Day Look. Remember that green is the color of Ireland and that green is the king color in St Patrick's parade. Look inside this girl's wardrobe to discover all sorts of green outfits like dresses, jackets, skirts and trousers even green shoes, hats and jewels. Match them with white shirts and pay an extra detail in the St Patr... READ MORE

March Minigame Spotlight

 It’s that time again for another monthly minigame spotlight. Our highlights include a few quality titles recently released that range between all sorts of genres.   Ships vs. Sea Monsters Get ready for some action-packed nautical adventures in Ships vs. Sea Monsters. This game presents a unique twist on strategy and resource management. Vicious crustacean creatures are looking to ravage your port and it’s up to you to deploy a naval fleet in defense. Upon complet... READ MORE