St Patricks Day Look ! Girl's dress up game !

Today is St. Patrick's !
This cute girl didn't have much time to prepare for the celebration parade. Help her dress up and accessorize in St Patrick's Day Look. Remember that green is the color of Ireland and that green is the king color in St Patrick's parade. Look inside this girl's wardrobe to discover all sorts of green outfits like dresses, jackets, skirts and trousers even green shoes, hats and jewels. Match them with white shirts and pay an extra detail in the S... READ MORE

March Minigame Spotlight

 It’s that time again for another monthly minigame spotlight. Our highlights include a few quality titles recently released that range between all sorts of genres.   Ships vs. Sea Monsters Get ready for some action-packed nautical adventures in Ships vs. Sea Monsters. This game presents a unique twist on strategy and resource management. Vicious crustacean creatures are looking to ravage your port and i... READ MORE

Happy Valentine's Day !

Cupid Loveheart !!
Help the cupid to shoot the hearts to fill in the energy bar to complete each level. Shoot the little devils to stop them from destroying the hearts.Use the mouse to move cupit, aim and shoot. Have fun! READ MORE

Valentine’s Day

Let’s face it; if you’re a gamer, there have been moments in your life when you were forced to choose between your games and your responsibilities. As a kid, you put your homework off so you could finally beat that one boss. Maybe in your early-twenties, you skipped work to buy the latest release from your favorite developer.   Miraculously, now you have a girlfriend, and picking between her and your favorite games is a struggle. This Valentine’s Day, MiniGames is he... READ MORE

February Spotlight MINIGAMES

Hello and welcome back to another monthly minigame spotlight! This month we have three special titles that are sure to keep you entertained for hours.   Adaran Help a tiny devil-like critter escape a brutal environment filled with monsters in Adaran. With a auto-running mechanic as its foundation, the player must jump across gaps and throw shurikens at encroaching enemies. Adaran is a new game released this year and is easily on... READ MORE

Spotlight - Astroman

 Spotlight - Astroman   Welcome back for another minigame spotlight. This month’s pick is a game called Astroman, an addicting arcade-style minigame. Join Daniel Briggs, a Star Federation astronaut, and his mission to collect valuable falling stars on different planets across the galaxy.   The game’s premise is straightforward - collect stars, earn high scores, and travel to other planets in the solar s... READ MORE

Best Games of the New Year.. So Far!

It’s a new year and you know what that means, new games of course! Only a few weeks after the holidays, the site has already added dozens of great quality games for everyone to enjoy. Here’s a quick list of some of our recent and best minigames included in our catalog.   Dead End St. Dead End St. is a Zombie-themed survival game in which the player must fend off against hordes of the undead while... READ MORE

Five Festive Christmas Games

Five Festive Christmas Games   The season of gift giving, merry making, and well wishes is upon us. Our catalog at features a large selection of festive games that can be enjoyed for those sitting around the Christmas tree or anyone looking to get into the holiday spirit. These five games will provide a variety of experiences catering to any gamers tastes from young to old.   Slay with Santa Slay... READ MORE

Top 5 Platform Games

  Top 5 Platform Games   One of the most classic genre of video games is platformers. Whether you’re a casual or hardcore gamer, sometimes it just feels good to simply jump around and have fun. Here are five quality browser-based minigames that will hopefully scratch your platforming itch.   Hyper Pixel Man Hyper Pixel Man is minimalistic side-scroller similar to retro platformers... READ MORE

December Spotlight - Frog Fable

  This month’s minigame spotlight is a little action-RPG called Frog Fable. Join the main character Zbylut and his important task of finding milk for the village king. What seemingly begins as a simple quest, becomes a  delightful escapade filled with magic, mystery and...frogs.   Frog Fable has numerous commendable features including its art, music and gameplay. The game’... READ MORE