Spotlight - Astroman

 Spotlight - Astroman


Welcome back for another minigame spotlight. This month’s pick is a game called Astroman, an addicting arcade-style minigame. Join Daniel Briggs, a Star Federation astronaut, and his mission to collect valuable falling stars on different planets across the galaxy.


The game’s premise is straightforward - collect stars, earn high scores, and travel to other planets in the solar system. However, unlike other score-based games, Astroman pulls of its simple foundation with tons of style. Briggs can slide, hop, and double jump across the screen to pull off impressive combos. Also, his space suit comes equipped with a powerful kick ability that allows him to smash through meteors and tough star pieces that burst into dozens of smaller ones.


Briggs must also race against the clock and deposit the collected stars in his spacecraft before time runs out. It can be addicting to replay levels to achieve higher scores that will earn you ribbons and medals that acknowledge your growing skills.


In addition to its solid gameplay mechanics, Astroman’s presentation is top-notch. Its art style, lighting effects, and sound quality are of a higher caliber than many other free minigames out there.

Another unique trait of the game is that it features extensive voice acting. The cast of characters all convey splendid personality. From the confident young astronaut Daniel Briggs to the stern nature of the military commander, you can tell a lot of effort went into the performances.


Although it can challenging to earn the highest accolades that can be acquired, Astroman is fun and easy to play at its core. Each of the stages are only a couple of minutes each, so jumping in for a quick game isn’t intimidating at all and can be revisited with ease. The game also keeps its levels fresh by adding in new features once in awhile such as platforms, gas clouds, and more.


Feeling competitive? Astroman also includes a two-player mode in which players can compete against each other side-by-side on the same keyboard for the highest score.


We recommend Astroman for its addicting gameplay, simplicity, and artistic polish. Be sure to follow our blog for more updates and spotlights in the future. You can play Astroman completely for free right here.