Five Festive Christmas Games

Five Festive Christmas Games


The season of gift giving, merry making, and well wishes is upon us. Our catalog at features a large selection of festive games that can be enjoyed for those sitting around the Christmas tree or anyone looking to get into the holiday spirit. These five games will provide a variety of experiences catering to any gamers tastes from young to old.


Slay with Santa

Slay with Santa is a unique spin on a Christmas-themed game to say the least. Control jolly old Saint Nick as he defends the North Pole against a horde of impeding zombies. Survive, collect presents, earn high scores, and obtain upgrades in this colorful and well-drawn minigame. The game’s zombie-slaying action, although not appropriate for all ages, is addicting and fun. Along with its initial comical premise, Slay with Santa features witty and funny dialogue in its introduction. Santa Claus wielding a machine gun, what else could you ask for on Christmas?


Monkey GO Happy Xmas Tree

It looks like everything is in order for Christmas except for one thing, the Christmas tree lights won’t turn on. Help Monkey have a merry Christmas by solving a series of engaging brain teasers. The Monkey Go Happy series of games are known to be one of the best quality hidden object minigames out there. Gather around the fireplace and progress through the game with the help of friends and family.


Christmas Dining Room 2

Help Christina decorate the living room for a festive Christmas dinner. Players can put their personal touch by combining an array of different furniture, decorations, and more. You won’t find many decoration games as in depth as this one. There are almost too many combinations to count from with varying choices in Christmas tree ornaments, dining table colors, window sizes, paintings, and so on. With your fashion sense we’re sure you’ll make Christina’s Christmas dinner the talk of the town.


Snow Line

Santa needs help collecting presents for Christmas. Draw lines for Santa Claus to ride on his sleigh to obtain items and make it to the finish line. The game features several clever stages that’ll take you to a number of interesting locations. With different hazards to encounter and paths to draw, Snow line is yet another fun holiday game that’ll give the brain a nice workout while taking shelter from the cold outside.


Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze is holiday-themed game in the style of old arcade platformers. Control Santa Claus as he takes out enemies with his trusty freeze gun. After freezing enemies, kick them to collect gifts and prizes, earn high scores and complete the timed levels. The game’s art style and music are also commendable, conveying appropriate jolly vibes for everyone to enjoy.


All these games are some of the best and most popular the site has to offer, so we hope you found our recommendations useful. Christmas is a time of joy and appreciation, and we think our games can share those messages with you and your family.


Looking for more games? Check out our full selection of titles on our homepage. Stay tuned to our blog for more updates and have a happy holiday!