February Spotlight MINIGAMES

Hello and welcome back to another monthly minigame spotlight! This month we have three special titles that are sure to keep you entertained for hours.



Help a tiny devil-like critter escape a brutal environment filled with monsters in Adaran. With a auto-running mechanic as its foundation, the player must jump across gaps and throw shurikens at encroaching enemies. Adaran is a new game released this year and is easily one of our favorite thus far. It features a pixelated and colorful art style that looks very appealing. Despite only having two buttons to control, the game is very responsive and addicting to play. It can be challenging to get the precise timing of jumps and attacks, but we couldn’t put this game down for quite some time. The further you run the higher the score. See how long you can survive!


Zuma 3XB

Zumba 3XB is a tile-matching puzzle minigame or bubble shooter that is easy to pick up and fun for anyone looking to relax. Your goal in the game is to shoot orbs of the same color to create a group of three or more to blast them away for points. However, the orbs are constantly moving toward an ominous dark portal. Match all the bubbles before they reach the portal or else it’s game over. For its simplicity, Zumba 3XB is very enjoyable for a casual experience, while also providing some difficulty with the necessity of being quick and accurate. The game includes plenty of medals that can be earned and levels that increase in difficulty.



S.M.O.L is a game that is as strange as its title. Help an adorable little astronaut take down a mysterious floating pyramid in the sky by dodging and shooting your laser pistol. The game features a cute black and white pixelated aesthetic that is easy on the eyes. S.M.O.L’s gameplay design is unique and interesting compared to many other miningames. As the game begins, the pyramid has four weapons floating around it. Depending on which you shoot, the enemy will strike with that weapon. If you manage to survive all the phases and blast the pyramid in its giant eye you’ll come out victorious. Although S.M.O.L is a short game seeing an experimental title like this can rather refreshing.

    Thanks for reading and we hope you appreciate some of our highlighted games. Stay tuned to our blog for more updates and next month’s edition of our spotlight post. Good luck and have fun!