December Spotlight - Frog Fable


This month’s minigame spotlight is a little action-RPG called Frog Fable. Join the main character Zbylut and his important task of finding milk for the village king. What seemingly begins as a simple quest, becomes a  delightful escapade filled with magic, mystery and...frogs.


Frog Fable has numerous commendable features including its art, music and gameplay. The game’s aesthetic takes its inspiration from classic top-down RPGs of the ‘80s. Although minimalist in design, characters and creatures ooze personality. Witty dialogue and a strange, yet compelling, premise allow the game’s experience to shine. Accompanying its presentation is a wonderful and catchy chiptune soundtrack. Don’t be surprised to find yourself tapping your foot along to the various themes that fit quite appropriately to the locations you come across.


In order to retrieve the king’s milk, Zbylut must find a way to unlock the gates of a mysterious town. In the process of completing his task, Zbylut acquires a magical ability to shoot bubbles that can be used to inflate and pop vicious creatures that have sprung up in the land recenlty. One of the deadly and most prominent creatures are frogs that hop around and shoot killer bubbles of their own.


Frog Fable’s combat may lack variety, but is addicting and gets increasingly enjoyable as the player progresses through the story. Dodging bubbles, spikes and other projectiles constantly while staying wary of your health can be challenging and exhilarating. Upon defeating enemies, red gems will appear for you to collect. These gems can then be spent on upgrading your character in multiple ways including health, attack power and movement speed. In addition to the combat, difficult bosses stand in the way that will truly test your bubble-shooting skills.


Unlike many other browser-based games, Frog Fable has a blend of depth, challenge and longevity. The amount of content the game presents can be well over what a player can complete in one sitting. However, you shouldn’t fret because the game includes a save functionality in order to track your progress.


Frog Fable is a unique and fun experience. It’s locations, artistic design and action stand above many other minigames out there. A team called 23 Turtles developed the game and we’re eager to see what else they have in store for the future. We hope our spotlight has informed you of an interesting RPG adventure that can be enjoyed by anyone. Make sure to stayed tuned on our blog for more updates and the next spotlight. Good luck and have fun!