Best Games of the New Year.. So Far!

It’s a new year and you know what that means, new games of course! Only a few weeks after the holidays, the site has already added dozens of great quality games for everyone to enjoy. Here’s a quick list of some of our recent and best minigames included in our catalog.


Dead End St.

Dead End St. is a Zombie-themed survival game in which the player must fend off against hordes of the undead while protecting their car. Utilize your arsenal of guns, explosives, and melee weapons to effectively complete various challenges. The game includes over a dozen tough levels where players will earn stars and coins, which are used to purchase upgrades and equipment. The game’s action-packed gameplay is very addicting and is sure to keep you entertained for hours. The customization options, art style, and music present a minigame with a whole lot of variety and depth. Dead End St. is extremely fun and one of our most recommended games this year so far. Can you complete all the stages and survive the near impossible odds?


Swap Swaps

Swap Swaps is a simple yet clever puzzle game that involves transporting specific shapes into a designated area. Your goal in the game’s various levels is to move cute little sphere-shaped creatures into a black hole by swapping places with other objects, while also taking into account physics and motion. In addition, the game features save files that allow your progress to be tracked and picked up at any level on the fly! Swap Swaps is fun for all ages and a great choice for those looking for brain teasers.


Tommy the Monkey Pilot

Help Tommy, a jolly little primate aviator, pilot his plane and collect red balloons. Tommy the Monkey Pilot has engaging controls in which players must tap and hold their mouse to ascend, descend, and do loops in a biplane. By grabbing optional moving star objects in addition to balloons, players will encounter a more challenging experience. Stars are also used to purchase different colored planes with faster speeds. Although clearly meant for a younger audience, the game can be quite difficult. If Tommy is caught in a thunderstorm cloud, even just once, it’s game over. Tommy the Monkey Pilot has a beautiful aesthetic and is accompanied with light-hearted music that will put anyone in a good mood.


Mini Putt Garden

Looking relax and hit some golf balls on the green? Then Mini Putt Garden is the perfect game for you! The game features 18 holes, which all include beautiful background environments. Mini Putt Garden is very user friendly and easy to play, simply pull back your cursor to putt. Depending on how much power you need, drag your mouse to different lengths. Although most of the traditional mini golf rules apply, Mini Putt Garden puts a spin on the scoring system with gems you can collect on the course to increase your points. Mini Putt Garden is perfect for anyone that just wants to kick back and play a few holes.


As you can see our library of great titles is constantly growing with more splendid games to come all throughout the year. Stay tuned to the site and our blog for more update on new games. Thanks for reading and have fun playing!